Sales is Changing.

It has to, thanks not only to the worldwide pandemic but also because the “new kids on the block”, aka the millennial generation, have an entirely different perspective on the world…

Discover the new playbook that can take us forward.

Discover Modern Sales Leadership.​

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"Selling is not a talent, it is a trade. Steve Knapp’s and Rob Taylor's new book helps to learn the playbook”

Hans J. Gerdes Leader Business Development Metall-Chemie

Unlock Modern Sales Leadership

In this book you will…

Discover how to save your company's sales culture

A positive sales culture improves retention, which effectively boosts the business’s reputation. Sales culture plays a contributing part, but there are also influence from broader business culture. Good relationships across business enable and empower the sales team to flourish.

Learn the fundamentals of outstanding leadership

Good leaders do the right things; good managers do things right. Leaders make time, consider impacts, make complexity simple, identify a vision and help curate strategy and goals that meet that vision. They can inspire people to be on the journey with them as they create room for two way communication.

Break down the walls between marketing + sales

Purposeful collaboration, shared insights, and better communication with a customer-facing culture will create unity between marketing and sales. Understanding the customer journey demands a joined-up approach and a companywide sales culture, so marketing and sales are playing to the same goal.

"This book encompasses the essentials of driving a culture as the central nerve of the company and the reason to believe why collaboration across functions is so crucial."

Dr Johari Jalil – Group Managing Director, Cenviro Malaysia

Steve Knapp

Rob Taylor

Meet the authors

Steve’s inspirational selling techniques are still the cornerstone of Shell International. He rose through the ranks to become responsible for the success of the company’s sales teams right across the globe. Steve’s now using that incredible knowledge to help business owners and salespeople embrace a modern selling approach. 

Rob is an award-winning marketing professional with two decades of professional marketing experience. He has seen the rise of digital marketing and adapted businesses to embrace the format rather than fear it. 

The opportunity to lead your market with a modern approach is right now and Steve + Rob are here to help!

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